Top Five Reasons to Lease from Georgian

Choosing the right industrial leasing opportunity for your business can be difficult. With so many options available on the market it’s important to demonstrate what sets us apart from the rest. Georgian’s premier customer service, extensive portfolio and other qualities all work to make us Ontario’s top choice for property leasing.

1. Owner Operated Portfolio

Georgian both builds and manages its constructions - something that allows us to personally vouch for the quality of our properties. We maintain a large portfolio of buildings that give our clients access to exactly the type of leasing opportunity they desire. Because of this we’re able to offer both expansion and down-sizing choices that accommodate your business’ future plans — all without requiring tenants to switch landlords in doing so. Regardless of the property you’re interested in, Georgian leads the Southern Ontario market. Our wide range of leasing opportunities bring together beautiful aesthetics with carefully planned designs, created by leading construction teams, in order to provide an excellent portfolio for any customer.

Our owner operated portfolio also means that our team is extremely familiar with each of our buildings. Any issues that a tenant may need to have addressed by Georgian are handled by the same company that actually constructed the properties themselves.

2. Quick Service

Most builders require that their tenants undergo a long waiting period before they are able to complete their transaction and move into their new lease. Georgian is able to offer immediate occupancy for our clients, often being able to carry out the entire leasing process in less than 48 hours. We’re able to provide such quick service because our company enjoys an owner operated portfolio that allows us to handle the bulk of transfer-related steps on our own. Where other companies may need to have their client’s wait for a period of more than six months in order to begin occupancy, Georgian is able to cut through the usual red tape to provide a much faster service time.

3. Property Management Team

Our property management team is among the best working in Canada today. Through constant communication, the willingness to quickly address any problems experienced at our sites and a commitment to excellent customer service, we’re able to assure our tenants of unparalleled support throughout their lease. The Georgian staff consists of experts in accounting, site maintenance and general tenant assistance, all willing to quickly resolve any customer issues and ensure complete satisfaction. We also demonstrate our appreciation of our tenants by offering free rent incentives in the case of some long-term leases.

4. Energy Efficient Buildings

Georgian understands that energy efficiency is essential in helping to save money and provide a better future for our planet. Our properties are built with this understanding in mind and come equipped with energy-saving features like exterior LED white lighting and efficient insulation. From construction materials to fine details, Georgian believes that offering tenants an energy efficient property is key toward creating moral and financially savvy businesses.

All of the energy efficiency your business needs is combined along with the kind of aesthetically pleasing, highly functional architectural design you want. Georgian designs take a modern approach to architecture and feature convenient shipping paths, large parking spaces, stucco wall finishes, underground sprinkler systems, fantastic landscaping and much more.

5. Location

The location of our properties gives tenants access to some of the most desirable areas of Southern Ontario. Georgian offers a plethora of spaces that have been built in strategic locations where taxes are low and convenience (for shipping, commuting and more) is high. Our locations have been chosen for a large number of reasons. We have plenty of space located near major highways (like the 401, 410 and 407) and airports, properties in Mississauga (where property taxes are lower than many other areas) and in other suitable locations throughout Ontario.

Whether you need a small or expansive space, we’re able to meet your exact requirements through a property that is situated in a location that helps your business to run smoothly. Georgian’s industrial leasing opportunities are ideal for companies that want to expand or downsize, take on an additional location, enjoy cheaper rent or simply accommodate new spatial demands.